• Ilgarini Cave

    Ilgarini Cave

    It is located within the boundaries of Küre Mountains National Park. The last two hours of hiking is in the jungle with no ax and a fairly steep hill. However, the entrance of the cave, which can be achieved provided that receive guidance from the mouth is enormous and a total length of 850 m, depth of 250 m'dir.ılgar is considered Turkey's deepest cave 4.

    The cave has an arched entrance, of course. When entered, it appears to be divided into two branches. In the entrance there is a ruin of a village thought to belong to the Byzantine period. When you go straight on the right, there is a water cistern. This room is called Avizeli Salon when rooms and stalactites are found. When it goes from the other road of the cave to the left, it descends to the depth of -250 m from the mouth. There are traces of human experience of 2000 years. When you descend from the beginning of the road, a small flat is reached. Down to here, there are about 40 round, stone-woven and curved roads. There are church remains and tombs on this plain. There are 7 graves in this section. After that, technical material is needed to continue the road. Thus, the length of the cave was 858 m.

    At the entrance of the cave there is a destruction of a village of about 10 houses, believed to belong to the Byzantine devrine, and at the deeper there is a hall built with a wall built and a church where graves are found. There are many human skeletons here. but strangely enough that the skulls of almost all of these skeletons have been taken as souvenirs by treasure-makers and curious wanderers. The cave, which has been destroyed by treasure houses and caves in the uncontrolled seasons, now has a controlled tourism within the scope of the pınarbaşı eco tourism project.


    Where is Ilgarini Cave?

    Ilgarini cave Kastamonu is located in the district of Pınarbaşı. It's 36 kilometers from the  district.