• Eyüp Sultan Mosque

    Eyüp Sultan Mosque


    The Eyüp Sultan Mosque and Tomb, decorated with a centuries-old plane tree, which is regarded as sacred to the water flowing from its fountain, is shown as one of the great historical heritages left by the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul. The religious structure that hosts the eternal residence of Eyüp Sultan, considered as one of the most important names of the Islamic World, hosts thousands of visitors who visit both worship and visit throughout the year.

    The mosque was first built in 1458. However, the old mosque, which was ordered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, was in such a bad condition that it could not be used as a result of the earthquake in 1766. The structure which remains in ruined condition for a while, III. It was constructed by Selim with the exception of its minarets and bases, and it has attained its present appearance. The reconstruction process of the glass began in 1798 and completed in 1800.

    The tomb is at least as interesting as the mosque in the complex. Khalid bin Zayd Ebu Eyyüb al-Ensari, who took part in the conquest of Istanbul, although he was 90-odd years old to see the glad tidings of Hz. Muhammad with his own eyes. The area where Eyüp Sultan who was ill and died during the expedition was found by Akşemseddin at the request of Fatih after his passing to the Ottoman control of Istanbul. On top of that, a high mausoleum of high spiritual and architectural value was constructed. But the mausoleum, like the mosque, has undergone many changes over time.

    The greatest feature of the Eyüp Mosque and Tomb which is worthy of history is that the sultans hosted the sword-making ceremonies. This tradition, which started in the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, was continued by the subsequent sultans. In addition, due to the great respect they have for the tomb, Selim I and I Süleyman and many other sultans came here to pray before they came out.

    The mosque is kept open and worshiped every day of the week. A large restoration work was carried out a few years ago and the tomb can only be visited between 09.30-16.00.

    Departments of Eyüp Sultan Mosque and Tomb

    In addition to the mosque and the turban, the first mausoleum of Istanbul was built with sections such as imarethane, şadırvan and şerbethane.

    Eyüp Sultan Tomb, which is considered as the heart of the mosque, was built as a square with eight corners and domes using a stone. As a result of the renovation works carried out in the past, the structure has been enriched in terms of architecture. In the middle of the burial chamber, which is covered with Kütahya and İznik tiles dating from the 16th and 19th centuries, the interior walls, During the Selim period, there is a wooden sarcophagus covered with silver net. The cover on the sandukan is adorned with the writings of the calligrapher Altım Efendi. The plates on the inside of the turban were written by calligraphers and sultans in various periods. In addition to all these precious objects, You can also see the motif and footprint of Hz. Muhammed.

    Eyüp Sultan Mosque was built with a rectangular plan. The religious structure supported by the central dome 6 columns and 2 filaments is accessed through the inscription of the marble sentence. There are galleries in 3 parts of the mihrab iwan. The glass fountain is also constructed of marble like a sentence gate.

    Where is Eyüp Sultan Mosque?

    Address: Eyüp, Mosque Kebir Sk, 7, Pk. 34050 - Istanbul / Turkey

    How to go to Eyüp Sultan Mosque?

    How to go ?: You can go to Eyüp sultan cami by private vehicle or you can go to the eyüp direction from the right while you are going to the Gaziosmanpaşa direction from the beach. You can reach to the beach from the beach and go to the direction of the unkapanı. You can use buses from Gokiosmanpaşa buses topkapı or alibeykoy buses to go by bus. - Approximately Eyüp Sultan Mosque is located under the map of road route information. You can see detailed road map by choosing according to the province or city you are in.


    Eyüp Sultan Mosque Passed İETT (bus) Lines

    Eminönü: 47, 47Ç, 47E, 47N Municipality Bus

    Mecidiyeköy and Şişli: 54 CC (Hasköy / Şişli) Municipality Bus

    Taksim: 54 HT, 36 T (Hasköy-Taksim) Municipality Bus

    Topkapı: 41 ST (Seyrantepe - Topkapı) Municipality Bus