• Ishak Pasha Palace

    Ishak Pasha Palace

    Ishak Pasha Palace is a work that is well-known for its stone workmanship with all the world's known and special features. The palace has 336 rooms. Within the palace there are many different areas such as tombs, ramparts, mosques and wards.

    Ishak Pasha Palace Legend

    The legend of the palace was originally due to the fact that the Agri Mountain was not visible from inside the palace. The spectacular mountain does not look like a huge mountain. There is a pasha and a daughter in Rivayete. Pashan's daughter fell in love with a shepherd, and every day she looked at the skirts of Mount Ararat and watched the shepherd. He did not eat or drink water. Then the pasha got angry and invited the masters and told me to build a palace that would never see any of the mountains from anywhere. On top of that, they found an area where they did not really see the mountain, and built the palace here.

    Ishak Pasha Palace is the most famous palace built after the Topkapi Palace. Because the three parts of the palace are surrounded by steep fields, the entrance of the palace is on the east side. The east side is also the narrowest ceiling of the palace at the same time. At the same time the palace was built on a hard rocky area. The palace consists of two courtyards and other structures around these courtyards.

    At the same time, the mausoleum in the palace is Ishak Pasha, Colak Abdi Pasha and their relatives.

    Ishak Pasha Palace History and Properties

    According to the writer, the date of construction of the palace is known as Hijri 119 and Miladi 1784 in the book of the Harem Circle Takkapi in the palace. It is possible to see breezes from the Ottoman, Seljuk and Persian states in the palace. The palace was built in 1685 by Ishak Pasha and Colak Abdi Pasha. The palace received its final shape and shape in 1784. The palace consists of two courtyards and structures around these courtyards. When you enter the entrance gate, you will find a greeting on your right and a harem on the back of it. At the end of this area is a mausoleum and a mosque.

    The palace is composed of two floors. In this two-storey area, 366 rooms were fitted. Each room has stone quarries. The entire building has a central heating system. We can understand this from the spaces in the stone walls. The basement and walls of the Divan hall are made of stone. On the walls there are various verses and couplets written with the art of calligraphy.

    The tomb, located in the courtyard of the palace, was built in octagonal form and built from cut stone. Türbe Selçuklu is an example of the tomb works. The tomb is decorated with various geometric shapes and has two floors and a cupola.

    Where Ishak Pasha Palace ?

    Ishak Pasha Palace is a palace located in the eastern Beyazıt province of Ağrı province.

    How to go to Ishak Pasha Palace ?

    There are various minibuses from the district center where you can come to the palace. The palace is located 5 km from the town center. Because it is a very rugged area, it is preferable to go with dolmuş.