• New Mosque ( Eminonu İstanbul )

    New Mosque ( Eminonu İstanbul )

    The mosque, which is located in a complex consisting of the Egyptian Bazaar, Sırban Mektebi, Darül-Kurra, Sebil, Fountain, Tomb and Hünkar Kas, completes the Istanbul skyline as the most spectacular of the Sultan's mosques on the seashore.

    Sultan III. Mehmed's mother and Sultan III. Murad's wife was built in the name of Safiye Sultan. After 1598, Dalim Ahmed Aga undertook the construction of the mosque, which was started to be built by Architect David Daval in 1597.Construction up to 1603, Sultan Ahmed I. I left the board halfway. In 1661 Sultan IV. The construction started again by Hatice Turhan Sultan, the mother of Mehmed. After 66 years from the beginning, the architecture of Mustafa Aga, the architect of the period, Mehmed could finish in time.

    Where is the New Mosque ?

    Located in the Eminönü District of Istanbul, Eminönü Square, next to the Egyptian Bazaar

    New Mosque 3D Virtual Tour

    If you want to do virtual tour in New mosque in 3D please click here.