• Bulak (Mencilis) Cave

    Bulak (Mencilis) Cave

    Bulak Cave (Mencilis) is located on the border of Bulak Village and Safranbolu District. Restored two years ago and opened in the cave, foreign cave experts are visiting the cave.The cave, which was 3 million years old today, was also used for protection in the 12th century. Length 6 km. Only 400 meters of the cave can be visited. The active section is reached when the cave is accessed from 11 meters. However, this section is not open to the public. Here, the underground river flows in the cave. The river that flows through the cave falls from a 15-meter waterfall, creating a small lake. And then it gets underground. At the entrance of the cave this water reaches the Bulak Village and Safranbolu.

    This cave, which consists of three interconnected kats, has an interesting formation and development. At the bottom of the cave is Safranbolu, a source and cave that contributes to drinking water, and on it is a very nice middle floor with stalactites and stalagmites, pillars, walls and curtain dripstones and partially completed its development. The natural beauty and preserved authentic structures inside and around the cave make it a tourist attraction.

    In the mouth of the Bulak Cave, located in a rocky deep valley, is reached by climbing a stairway of approximately 150 steps on a wall of this villa. At the end of the corridor curving 20-30 meters from the entrance with the stairs, the ceiling of the cave suddenly ascends 20 meters.

    This is where you get a magnificent view. The varieties of stalactites that the cave has are standing side by side with its rough and smooth surfaces rotating from white to brown. In a few places you need to step out the metal steps.

    There is a waterfall and two separate lakes ahead of the cave, which has 3 entrances connected. Although the underground river that flows through the cave is not open to visitors, it falls from a 15-meter waterfall to form a small lake. Submerged water reaches the Bulak Village and Safranbolu Center.

    400 meters of the cave is illuminated to suit the sightseeing. There is a humid air in the cave where the walking trails are built due to the water dripping from the walls. It is said that the cave, which is at a constant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius of the year, is good for diseases such as shortness of breath, asthma and bronchitis.

    Where is the Bulak Cave?

    Bulak Cave (Mencilis) is on the border of Bulak Village and Safranbolu District

    How to go to Bulak Cave?

    The road from Safranbolu to Bulak Cave is asphalt. Safranbolu - Old Bazaar daily at 10:00 and 15:00 minibus is removed.