• Heaven Hell Caves

    Heaven Hell Caves

    Heaven Hell Caves, two cavities or depressions, these caves have an extremely deep and interesting appearance. The region has protected its reputation from antiquity until day. Caves carry mythological meanings. Caves are also known as Heaven Hell Collapses. Over time, the region has come to a conclusion that the lime scale of underground waters has melted. Individuals who visit the region are separated from the area by a sense of their past and they say that they traveled through the region during those periods.

    Heaven is about 75 meters from the cave. The reason why it is called Cehennem Cave is that Zeus' fire dragon dragon is defeated here in mythology. There is a church in the mouth of Heaven Cave. It is also evident from the image that this church has remained from the ancient ages. The church was made by a devout man who addressed Mother Mary. At the same time that the Church was addressed to Mother Mary, it was written in writing at the entrance of the church.

    There are approximately 452 steps within the cave, reaching 300 steps later churches. The humidity in the cave is extremely high. For this reason, the elderly and heart diseases are stimulated by their characteristics. When all the steps of the cave are turned down, the sound of the underground is clearly heard. At the same time, attention should be paid to the press. A few steps away from the caves there are several restaurants. For this reason, you can enjoy a nice feast after your cruise. Most of these restaurants are salty.

    Heaven Hell Caves Entry Fee

    Cave entrance fee is 15 TL. However, there is a possibility of changing prices every season. For this reason, you can go here by preparing 13 to 15 TL.

    Where Heaven Hell Caves ?

    Heaven hell caves are located in Silifke, Mersin.

    How to Go Heaven Hell Caves ?

    While following the Silifke-Mersin road, you will be able to reach the cave by turning to the north, which you see on the road. This turnoff will come at the 20th mile.