• İsmail Bey Mosque

    İsmail Bey Mosque

    İsmail Bey Mosque is a 15th century complex built on a rocky hill overlooking the city of İsmail Bey.

    In the year 1451, by Candaroglu ruler İsmail Bey; mosque, mausoleum, inn, madrasa, imaret and was built as a complex.

    It is understood that it was made in M.1451 in the inscription of Camin and in M.1475 in the inscription of the medreses. Although the tomb was made for Ismail Bey himself, the Philistine himself passed away and was buried there. Relatives from family are medfundur. There are 10 rooms around the courtyard at Ismail Bey Medres located on the north east side of the Külliyen.

    In 2004, the repair and restoration was completed and it is operating as a handcrafts bazaar.

    Where is the İsmailbey Mosque ?

    Ismail Bey mosque is located in the center of Kastamonu