• Mahmut Bey Mosque

    Mahmut Bey Mosque

    It is located in the village of Kasaba on the north-west of Kastamonu province, which is 18 kilometers away on the way to Daday county.

    It was built in 1366 by Emir Mahmut Bey, ruler of Candaroğulları Principality, as Friday Mosque. The exterior walls are made of rubble and the inside of the glass is entirely wood and only plaster is used on the mihrab part.

    Wooden roof of the mosque was built, and no metal studs and trapping techniques used by any component is one of the rare examples in Turkey.

    One of the most eye-catching and important items of the glass is the gate made by Abdullah son of Nakkaş Mahmut of Ankara. Kastamonu found very few examples of the original door of the Museum of Ethnography in Turkey due to security Live Pasha found in the mansion was placed like the original instead of Kastamonu made by Hikmet DEĞİRMENCİOĞLU the oldest wood carving masters.

    Mahmut mosque door

    All the wooden surfaces inside the mosque are decorated with pencil work and all these ornaments are still standing in their original shape.

    At the end of the UNESCO World Heritage Center assessment on April 15th, the Kasaba Village Mahmutbey Mosque was entitled to enter the Temporary List of World Heritage Sites.